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All you Need to Know about United Postal Service

The United States postal services or USPS is an independent agency of American government with the task of providing postal www.managemymove.usps.com for services in all of America. USPS has over 600,000 employees today and it has more than 200,000 vehicles at its service as well. USPS operates the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world.

It has the job to deliver its services in all of American at standard rates without the choice of geographical limits. USPS has launched a couple of programs and services that are proven useful for its customers. One of the recent ones includes the feature of changing or updating the address of their order. At first I think that discover.com/pickit is great offer.

USPS customer can use the “manage my move” option on the USPS website to change their delivery address. You can either change it temporarily or you can set it as a permanent address. You set a temporary address when you have doubt that you may need to change it later on.

 How to USPS Change Your Address

The best part of this service is that it is free to use for all USPS customers. The procedure to change your address is quite simple and direct. You can do it in minutes online. Start by getting redirected to the official website, Just click on the link below.


You need to enter your confirmation code. Your confirmation code is a 16 digit code. If you made your order online then this code is included in the confirmation email you received. If you made your order from the postal office then it included in the order confirmation mail that you received.

Next you need to enter you knew zip code.

Then click on submit.

You will be logged into your order. Now make all the necessary changes you want.

Additional Features for USPS

This service not only allows you to change the address but you can also change the your mail forwarding start date, mail end date, your phone number and switch from family to individual move. Lastly other than that blprebates is great.

You can also cancel the order as well. If the change you make is not available then you can cancel the request and file another one again. However you cannot change the name in the order. Also you cannot change your own address.


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