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Automation For The Warehouse: Which System Is Right For You?

Automation for the warehouse can provide significant cost savings for distribution centers across all industries. Automating the workflow allows products to move through the warehouse faster and with less chance of error. But what exactly is automation for the warehouse and is there a system out there that can work for your business?

Fortunately for consumers, just as there are many different types of warehousing industries, there are many different types of industrial distribution services that can be implemented to meet your needs.

How Automated Warehouse And Distribution Services Work

Fully automated warehousing services rely on both physical equipment and computer software to guide that equipment. They can improve your time from order placement to shipping because the software assists in the coordination of materials flow. Automation makes order fulfillment much quicker than manual order fulfillment handled by employees.

Automation for the warehouse can be fully or partially automated, depending on your needs. Many companies that provide these types of industrial distribution services can design custom or semi-custom systems to meet your business’ needs and capabilities. bao gia kho lanh

Types Of Automation For The Warehouse

There are a few different types of automation used in warehousing. Below is a brief overview of these industrial distribution services:

• Carousel Systems: Carousel systems can be either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal systems rotate shelves suspended from above. One great benefit of the horizontal carousel system is its ability to deliver items directly to employees in the packing area. Horizontal carousels improve warehouse efficiency by delivering stock directly to employees at the packing area rather than employees having to go and find it and then bring it back to the packing area.

Vertical carousels rely on rotating shelves that move up or down based on commands given by the employee. These approaches provide easy access to items that may otherwise be too high for employees to easily reach. Bringing the item up or down and directly in front of the employee makes picking much safer and quicker than moving ladders or stairs around to reach high items.

• Automated Storage and Retrieval: Also referred to at AS/RS, these systems rely on computer controls to function. By combining computerized orders with automation, automated storage and retrieval methods are very fast. They work by utilizing machines to move up and down storage aisles to retrieve the product or item specified and bring it back to the designated area. These maximize storage density and inventory access. They are excellent in harsh environments where employee safety and comfort is a concern such as food storage or cold storage.

• High Speed Sorting Systems: High speed systems are the way to go if you frequently have both large and small orders to fulfill and need excellent shipping accuracy. These systems operate via conveyors and/or cross-belt sorters.

• Tray Sorter: These high speed systems can be adjusted as needed to function with a single, dual or quad tilt trays. They are especially useful for sorting smaller items from CDs and DVDs to books, jewelry and personal care items.

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